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Ecofirm Tile Edging Trowel

Ecofirm Tile Edging Trowel

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Made in Europe. Stainless Steel Tile Edging Trowel. Laser cut U-Notches ensure proper coverage by allowing mortar ridges to easily collapse, preventing air pockets and voids under the tile. Our patented tile edging tooth is specifically designed to score tile edges, removing excess thin set buildup, keeping grout joints clean during install. Offset Handle with Cork comfort grip. (Tooth Size: 1/2", 1/4", 3/8") .
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Customer Reviews

  • " The plastic plastering trowel is a great tool to have when working with concrete products" - John F.

  • " Usually I would purchase tools with a plastic handle. However, the cork handle has been more comfortable and a better grip" - Francesca Z.

  • " I have been purchasing from Ecofirm for a while and feel that the trowels are very sturdy and last long"- Frank C.